The Auction is Coming SOON!

By Kent Cummins

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, April 2, 2016.

Saturday, April 2, 2016, the World Famous Austin Magic Auction returns with more than a thousand things that you can’t possibly live without…..or maybe you can, but surely it’s worth the small price of admission ($10 if you pre-register) to see them all!

We are so lucky to live in Austin, Texas, the Live Music and Magic Capital of the World! Every five or six years, Austin hosts the Texas Association of Magicians convention, and last year’s was exceptional! But nearly EVERY year, for more than three decades, we host an incredible event which is unique in the world of magic: The Auction.

If you live in the Austin area, you don’t have to buy an airplane ticket, nor do you have far to drive. You won’t need a hotel room. People come from all over Texas, throughout the United States, and around the world…just to participate in The Auction. Even if you don’t buy or sell anything, it’s an event that you will want to experience.

Why? Here are half a dozen good reasons:

  1. You can SELL up to 75 items that are gathering dust in your magic room, turning those unused items into CASH! Just contact JD Stewart ( to get your own seller’s number.
  1. You can VIEW literally more than a thousand (typically close to two thousand) magic items of all kinds. Card Tricks. Coin Tricks. Rope Tricks. Close-Up Magic. Mental Magic. Stage Magic. Illusions. Juggling Props. Puppets and Vent Dummies. Balloon Sculpting Tools. Clown Props. Costumes. Books and Magazines. Posters and Memorabilia. Regardless of where your interest in magic lies, you will find it at The Auction.
  1. You can BUY something for your collection, probably for less than wholesale…and you can take it home with you the same day (That’s even better than FREE SHIPPING!)
  1. You can WATCH an all-day Magic Show, as the stage auctioneers (all accomplished magicians) demonstrate more than 200 special items from the stage.
  1. You can VISIT with magicians from all over Texas, around the country, and even from other countries. They come to be a part of The Auction, and they are in the mood to talk magic.
  1. You can SUPPORT the world of magic and your local magic clubs by fully participating. How much do you love MAGIC? This is your best chance to prove it!


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