Q2: Is there a cost to sell like on e-bay?

A: There is no up-front cost to submit items for sale in the auction. However, the auction retains a 12%-30%* seller’s fee based on the level of service needed for auction items.  If you have an item that sells for $1 at the 12% rate, you get 88 cents.  If your item sells for $100, you get $88.  If your item does not sell, you owe nothing.

*As you are no doubt aware, our all-volunteer staff works hard to give you the best auction experience possible. However, we have discovered that some seller require us to work much harder than others. To address this imbalance, we have developed a new three-tier pricing structure that more accurately reflects the amount of effort required of our volunteers.

The new service pricing is as follows:

  • BASIC SERVICE: 12% seller’s fee. The seller COMPLETELY fills out the on-line form and uploads their own web friendly photos. This is just like eBay.
  • PLUS SERVICE: 20% sellers fee. This fee applies when the seller attempts to sort the items, but has not completed the paperwork or uploaded photos. A seller will be automatically be assigned the PLUS SERVICE fee if their paperwork or photo uploads are incomplete.
  • DELUXE SERVICE: 35% sellers fee. This fee applies if we have to sort, catalog and photograph an estate or collection. The fee is similar to the reasonable and customary commission charged by estate sales professionals.

To attend the auction, everyone pays a $10 admission fee to get in.

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