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Chris Walden is a multifaceted guy with a background in technology, writing, and theatrical production. He is the force behind Mythmade Productions in Austin, Texas and enjoys creating unique experiences for people that go beyond mere entertainment. He lives in Cedar Park with his wife, daughter and some number of cats. He is a regular correspondent for Saul Ravencrafts activities.

Q1: Who produces the auction and do I need to be a member of a magic club to buy or sell?

A: The auction is sponsored/produced by sponsored by the Austin Magic Community. The World-Famous Austin Magic Auction was originally sponsored by IBM Ring 60, then later revitalized by SAM Assembly 206. The auction is open to all levels of magicians and magic enthusiasts. It attracts magicians and magic enthusiasts from all over the world. It consists of a large silent auction and a day-long stage auction. 

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Q2: Is there a cost to sell like on e-bay?

A: There is no up-front cost to submit items for sale in the auction, other than the general admission fee, which must be paid as part of the seller registration process. The auction retains a 15% seller’s fee.  There is no fee for unsold items.

If, as a seller, you require assistance to provide all the needed information (item descriptions, photos, sorting, etc.), contact us and we will do our best to make special arrangements.  Again, there is no fee for unsold items.

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Q3: How do I buy things in the auction?

A: You must be present at the auction to bid.  To enter the auction, all you have to do is pay the $10 admission fee. You will receive a bidder’s number when you enter the auction and everyone who pays the admission fee (including staff and auctioneers) is entitled to bid on any items.

For the live auction, please hold the number high and call out your number if requested to do so by the nearsighted auctioneers.  In the silent auction you will use your bidder number next to each bid you write on an item sheet.  It is as simple as that.

Payments may be made by cash, credit card, or approved check.  By the way, there are no buyer’s fees added on at our auction … the winning bid you make is the price you pay!



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Q4: What do I need to do to sell things in the auction?

A: Anyone can sell at the Austin Magic Auction. You should read the Official Auction Seller’s Rules, but here is how you get started:

  1. Using the Seller Registration tab, fill in the Seller Registration form and click Submit.
  2. Upon completion of the Seller Registration, you will get a “thank you” confirmation page that will have a link to pay via Square.  Use this link to pay the entry fee.
  3. Once you have paid we will send you the Seller Item Spreadsheet to complete. (This is not an automatic process, please wait up to 24 hours to receive.)
  4. Complete the Seller Item Spreadsheet with the items you are selling (up to 50 items). Or make a text list of the items for the spreadsheet, and email the list to Sue.
  5. You will receive back a confirmation email that your list has been entered into the auction database.

Remember, you are limited to 50 items. Photos can be attached but are not mandatory. (However, buyers like to see photos!) You can edit your items.

Package your items—and be sure to include instructions! These items will be moved around by auction personnel, so if you can, package larger items in a box or bag to help protect them. All small items should be placed in separate zip lock bags to facilitate easy handling and to keep all pieces together. Put a note inside each item’s bag with the item number.

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