Q1: Who produces the auction and do I need to be a member of a magic club to buy or sell?

A:  The auction is sponsored/produced by the Austin Magic Community with a team of volunteer staff and auctioneers. The Auction is open to all levels of magician and magic enthusiasts. It was attracted magicians and magic enthusiasts from all over the world. It consists to a large silent auction and a day long stage auction. The admission fee is only $10 if you preregister. Registration is $15 at the door. Some say the admission fee is worth the show alone with David Hira, Scott Wells, Grant Walsh and Auction founder Kent Cummins on the stage!

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Q2: Is there a cost to sell like on e-bay?

A: There is no up-front cost to submit items for sale in the auction. However, the auction retains a 12%-30%* seller’s fee based on the level of service needed for auction items.  If you have an item that sells for $1 at the 12% rate, you get 88 cents.  If your item sells for $100, you get $88.  If your item does not sell, you owe nothing.

*As you are no doubt aware, our all-volunteer staff works hard to give you the best auction experience possible. However, we have discovered that some seller require us to work much harder than others. To address this imbalance, we have developed a new three-tier pricing structure that more accurately reflects the amount of effort required of our volunteers.

The new service pricing is as follows:

  • BASIC SERVICE: 12% seller’s fee. The seller COMPLETELY fills out the on-line form and uploads their own web friendly photos. This is just like eBay.
  • PLUS SERVICE: 20% sellers fee. This fee applies when the seller attempts to sort the items, but has not completed the paperwork or uploaded photos. A seller will be automatically be assigned the PLUS SERVICE fee if their paperwork or photo uploads are incomplete.
  • DELUXE SERVICE: 35% sellers fee. This fee applies if we have to sort, catalog and photograph an estate or collection. The fee is similar to the reasonable and customary commission charged by estate sales professionals.

To attend the auction, everyone pays a $10 admission fee to get in.

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Q3: How do I buy things in the auction?

A: You must be present at the auction to bid.  To enter the auction, everyone pays the $10 admission fee (even spouses, kids, volunteer staff, auctioneers and the Auction Chair).  You will receive a bidder’s number when you enter the auction and everyone who pays the admission fee (including staff and auctioneers) is entitled to bid on any items.

For the live auction, please hold the number high and call out your number if requested to do so by the nearsighted auctioneers.  In the silent auction you will use your bidder number next to each bid you write on an item sheet.  It is as simple as that.

Payments may be made by Cash, Credit Card, or Approved Check.  By the way, there are no buyer’s fees added on at our auction…that means the winning bid you make is the actual price you pay!

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Q4: What do I need to do to sell things in the auction?

A: Anyone can sell at the Austin Magic Auction. You should read the Official Auction Rules (see the link under the Main Menu), but here is how you get started:

Request a seller’s number by emailing selling@austinmagicauction.com .

Download the seller spreadsheet from our Forms and Documents.  It is compatible with Microsoft Office, or you can download the free Libre Office.  The spreadsheet has instructions for how to fill out the information.  You should include a brief description and a minimum bid for each item.  (The lower the minimum the better chance of a sale.) As you enter your items they will each be given a number, starting with 1.  These will be your item numbers.

Package your items—and be sure to include instructions! These items will be moved around by auction personnel, so if you can, package larger items in a box or bag to help protect them. All small items should be placed in zip lock bags to facilitate easy handling and to keep all pieces together.  It’s also a good idea to mark items will your seller number and an item number. An example is: Seller’s number (5) dash (-) item number (1). Your first item would be 5-1. Second item 5-2 and so on. The auction may impose a maximum number of items per seller from year to year (example: the 2013 and 2014 max is 75 items per seller).  Your item numbers should match the spreadsheet for easy cross-checking.

Print a copy of the spreadsheet and include it as a packing list with your items.  You should also email a copy of the completed spreadsheet to selling@austinmagicauction.com   Sending the electronic copy of your seller sheet is very important as it helps prevent data entry errors when your items are received and moved into the pre-auction storage area.

If you do not place a minimum on your sheet, silent auction items will begin at $1. Stage items that do not have a stated minimum may be marked with a minimum at the discretion of the Auctioneers or Auction Chair.

Finally, send your items to be received by us NO LATER THAN MARCH 25, 2016.

Austin Magic Auction
c/o Heroes Night Out

1150 S. Bell Blvd
Cedar Park, TX 78613

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